Wednesday, June 3, 2015

LYED x Funk At The Bowl (Recap by Sasha Huckoby)

(Photos and words by Sasha Huckoby, if you choose to use any of the images below please remember to give proper credit, THANKS!)
Sliiiiiiide to the left, sliiiiiiide to the right, take it back now, ya’ll, TWO STEP THIS TIME! Let us see that fancy footwork, boys!

Funk at the Bowl. The Santa Barbara Bowl. What. A. Show. You want to see people genuinely enjoying themselves? Go to a show where dancing all night is not only encouraged, it’s borderline required. Kind of like how people get runners high, you can literally see the adrenaline pumping through veins when that beat drops and the guitar starts singin’. 
Seriously, buy the ticket, take the ride (to the music venue.)
Just know: it’s. about. to. go. d-o-w-n. Don’t say I didn’t warn ya.
The day started off with electro/synthwave vibes from the always cool, Com Truise. The crowd responded to his sweet beats that made you move your feet in preparation for the grand finale. Having remixed so many jams from bands like Flight Facilities, Charlie XCX to Daft Punk, Truise was definitely the perfect opener to warm up your rump muscles!
Following Com Truise, the electronic trio consisting of "edIT, Boreta, and Ooah" took the stage with an eye catching compound-esque-raptor contraption, called “The Blade." SO COOL. They intertwine technology/instrumental usage with a live band feel. Having so much energy, their bass-driven songs make you feel really, really good. If you get the chance to check them out at a festival or show, DO IT. Also, shout out to 1/3 of the group, Justin Boreta for reppin’ his hometown, Santa Barbara, filling us all with hometown pride!
And then the lights went down. The bowl starts to roar, and chants follow, “CHROME-O, OOOOOO”. Repeated once, repeated twice, repeated thrice
The music starts - the.crowd.goes.OFF
The light show starts, and we’re graced with the funky-cool, attention commanding, dynamic duo- CHROMEEEEOOOOO!!! I’ll say it once, and i’ll say it always, if you’ve never seen Chromeo live, you haven’t lived. The feel good, self proclaimed, Funk Lordz, will cannon ball you right into a subliminal, existential full on PAR-TAY mindset. Everytime I see these guys, I leave elated, creatively inspired, and with a smile on my face. Thank you, Chromeo, for bringing the feel good(s) to Santa Barbara. 
As always, major thanks to the Santa Barbara Bowl for letting LYED take part, Jessica Puchli, and to all who played for #FunkAtTheBowl. 
Another one for the books!
xxxo, Sasha

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