Monday, March 26, 2012

New Album From Oberhofer/ New Music Video From Swim Deep: TREATS!

Tis the season for new album releases....

The debut album from Oberhofer, titled Time Capsules II, was released today just after making their television debut on the David Letterman show 5 days ago. If you're feeling a bit tired, this might be the perfect pick-me-up. "Away Frm U" is the track they performed and actually has been around for about 2 years (first released as a single with the track "Dead Girls Dance" in 2011, and earlier this year on the Time Capsules II EP). There's a few changes on the track from when it was first released, but I believe that it only made the track stronger. Brad Oberhofer's voice.....need i say more? 
Anyways, I REALLY like this album a lot & a few standout tracks besides "Away Frm U" are (in my opinion): HEART, Gold, and I Could Go.  This New York band gives off a lo-fi vibe that's been hanging out in your garage for a few years with just enough age to make you wish that you can listen to it on vinyl.........or really loud in your car. 
If you happen to be one of the lucky ones attending Coachella this year, these guys are playing on Day 3/Sunday. You can bet your bottom dollar that i'll be at their set during the first weekend. :)

P.S. SWIM DEEP just released a video for their track "King City" that's catchy as hell. Three guys from Birmingham living the life that will immediately remind you of what goes on in Venice Beach. 
Do those ears a favor & check it out.

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