Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Another Dose of Youtube Narnia/New From Purity Ring!

So for today's post I decided to do a little research and see what posts have been receiving the most attention. Without a doubt, one of my first posts featuring "The Chronicles of YouTube Narnia" was a winner for some people apparently, so I decided to do a 2nd dose. Not to sound like the ultimate nerd (although I am) but YouTube narnia is quite entertaining. One of the first groups I found while surfing through Youtube narnia was Purity Ring, who I will be talking a little bit about at the end of the post since they just released a new track! 
So how does this Narnia expedition start? I decided to start with a track from Baths aka Will Wiesenfeld, an electronic musician from the LA area. This is your go-to if you want mellow relaxing beats. From there on, I just clicked on a random video on the side and went from there. There's not much to say about the videos below, except that they rule & I hope that if you like what you're hearing you'll click on their name which will lead you to their Facebook or the most reliable website for them. Hope you enjoy today's post & don't forget to share with your friends! :)  

Flood of Red - "LIKE ELEPHANTS"
Caribou - "BOWLS"
To see Caribou live is on my bucket list. This track is from their 2010 album Swim. Other favorites of mine from that album are: "Leave House" "Odessa" & "Sun"
Regal Safari - "ONLY"
Computer Magic - "RUNNING"
Vondelpark - "HIPBONE"

So one of my favorite groups "PURITY RING" released a brand new track today titled "Fineshrine" from their upcoming LP Shrines , and it's no surprise that I'm diggin' it! Purity Ring was featured in NYLON'S June/July issue, aka "The Music Issue", and consist of Corin Roddick (Production) & Megan James (who provides all of the vocals). From the NYLON article Purity Ring would be "most likely to elicit lucid dreams of space travel, and least likely to write straightforward relatable lyrics" It's definitely a nice way to start the beginning of summer, and Shrines will be released on July 24th on 4AD/Last Gang. Wooohooo!
Like It? Hate it? Not Your Style? I'd love to know! 
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