Monday, July 23, 2012


SO MANY ERRANDS for a Monday. This perfectly explains how my day went so excuse how late this post is. I added a few more tracks than usual because I spent a little too much time indoors (it was 104 degrees outside up until 8PM yesterday). Hope you guys enjoy tonight's post! Tomorrow is a big day for album releases FYI, Passion Pit & Purity Ring's album will finally be up for grabs among others LEGALLY. WOOOOO!
Bat For Lashes - "LAURA"
Here's the first dose of the new Bat For Lashes material off her upcoming album The Haunted Man. This will be the first studio album since her 2009 release Two Suns. The US release date is October 23rd, and do not expect anything less than theatrical for what's to come. 
Milo Greene - "SILENT WAY"
This type of beautiful melody is easy on the ears to say the least. If you have a second, give their self-titled debut album a listen! Milo Greene just released a list of tour dates on their website, check them out here
Kill Paris - "THE LOVE WE SHARED" 
This track samples Ivan Gough's "In My Mind", and if you're digging on it then help yourself to the free download of this track --> HERE! What's awesome about Kill Paris is that most of the tracks on his SoundCloud account are available as a free download, and they're kind of amazing. 
Bloc Party - "OCTOPUS (RAC Mix)"
Those that are apart of RAC (Remix Artist Collective) know how to take a decent song, and transform it into something different. You can always count on some form of a groovy flow/tone if it's a RAC mix, and that's the truth.  
How To Dress Well - "COLD NITES"
If you're a fan of Active Child, then you'll probably find yourself drooling over this track. Active Child & HTDW actually collaborated on an amazing track called"Playing House" that I featured on LYED awhile back. There's only one person in How To Dress Well, and that's Tom Krell from Brooklyn. His voice give
How To Dress Well's Blogspot --> 
The xx - "ANGELS" (Theatre of Delays Remix)
Breton - "JOSTLE"
Just stumbled across this experimental rock band from London while I was on La Blogotheque's website the other day. Breton was featured as one of the more recent "Take Away Shows"with this song, and it wasn't long before I was hooked on their sound. Don't let the horrible review on Pitchfork for their debut album Other People's Problems change your mind about these guys. Give their album a chance, it's worth it. 
Available for free download on their website - It's a fun one in my book. If Neon Indian & Reptar had a child together, it would be Ghost Beach. The End
Kitten - "CUT IT OUT"
This trio from Los Angeles will be the opening act for Charli XCX's LA show @ the Troubadour on August 17th! That night will be nothing but dark bubblegum jams, and I'm curious to see how it will turn out. 

Thank You! :)

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