Thursday, July 26, 2012

& They're Back!

FINALLY! Ethan Kath & Alice Glass of the dark electronic/experimental duo Crystal Castles  from Toronto released a new track that everyone had been on the hunt for during the last month or so. It's called "Plague" and finding a version of this track that wasn't live was nearly impossible until now. It's also available as a free download if you click here & they were nice enough to include the lyrics to "Plague" when you watch it on YouTube. I'm not trying to sound sarcastic about that either; sometimes I cannot understand a single word that Alice Glass is screaming, so this is a big help. 
What did you think of the track? 
& check out the list of Fall tour dates below to see if CC is coming your way! 
Hopefully by announcing a fall tour this means that the follow-up to Crystal Castles (II) will be released soon? One can only hope from this mysterious duo that I find absolutely addicting. Below is one of my favorite songs from Crystal Castles, and is from their last studio album circa 2010. 

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