Wednesday, October 31, 2012


 Maybe it's the crazy weather, but who knows - I'm in a mhanks to Sandy, I decided to make this post relevant to 2 events/things/whatchamacallit-s that are currently being celebrated at the moment. Those two things are:

The SF Giants winning the World Series (again)!

If you were thinking that I was going to dedicate this post to a variety of spooky songs & baseball victory chants - sorry for the confusion. If you haven't caught on from my previous posts, I'm a cheesy one so I decided to make this post "all things orange-related". You won't be disappointed, I had a lot of fun with this post to be honest. I might have kept the descriptions or personal responses short, but keep in mind it took some genuine brainstorming to take place.
Young Wonder - "ORANGE"
I can remember the first time that I heard this track, and immediately featured in a post on LYED because of how excited I felt about this band. Several months later, and I am still just as giddy about this duo from Ireland! 
This cover of a John Prine song was the B-side when Bon Iver released the popular track titled "Towers" as a single last year. 
Gardens & Villa - "ORANGE BLOSSOM"
Just in case you might be unfamiliar with this track - Gardens & Villa is an amazing band from where I recently moved from (Santa Barbara, California). G&V isn't a stranger to LYED, as I featured their recent Fleetwood Mac cover & a couple of over songs over the past couple of months. 
Blood Orange - "DINNER"
Since living on the East Coast, I am definitely guilty of living vicariously through Devonte Hayes aka Blood Orange Instagram account. I'm a huge fan of Blood Orange's 2011 debut album Coastal Grooves, and recently he's held responsible for the success of 
The Chemical Brothers - "ORANGE WEDGE" 
I'm not sure how you feel about The Chemical Brothers - but they never fail to feed my soul. This track is off their 1999 album Surrender which also features another favorite of mine "Hey Boy Hey Girl" & "Let Forever Be". 
Opus Orange - "IT'S ALRIGHT" 
Short but sweet, yet it's alright? Let me know what you think! :) 
Discovery - "ORANGE SHIRT"
Seriously, what happened to these guys? If you're unfamiliar with Discovery, please check into them - they have been a favorite of mine for a couple of years now. It's a group that incorporates just enough of Caribou & mysteriousness at the same time. :)
Bright Eyes - "BOWL OF ORANGES"
Honestly, when Bright Eyes comes into the picture - don't you feel that you should take a step aside and let this song explode as it does for me? 
Frank Ocean - "CRACK ROCK"
Of course I had to include something from Frank Ocean's brilliant debut album Channel Orange. This album puts a smile on face because of how many positive and great memories I have related to this album. More specifically when I visited my friend Mallory in Los Angeles one day this album was everything we listened to whether we were in the car or hanging out at her house. 'Twas a good day. One thing about this amazing song is how it perfectly transitions into "Pyramids", which is one of my FAVORITE tracks off this album. 

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