Monday, October 29, 2012


LYED is coming to you live from Hurricane Sandy/Frankenstorm! Okay, I know I'm just being dramatic as per usual - but Sandy is definitely on her way! The gloomy weather immediately turns off my motivation switch, but I decided to be a bit creative with this post before I lose power. :) Cross your fingers that nothing extreme happens over here!
Every now & then when I'm beyond bored and looking for material to post about on LYED... I always pick a phrase/word and then see what songs I can find incorporating those words. So obviously when every other word on the television consisted of "Hurricane Sandy" i decided to do a little search to see what songs I could stumble across that featured "hurricane" or were storm-related. 

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Florence and the Machine - "HURRICANE DRUNK"
This was without a doubt the first track that came to mind when I was brainstorming song ideas. This is one of my favorite tracks from Florence and the Machine and for those who are stuck indoors during  this lovely weather - what else is there to do besides drink till you're "hurricane" drunk? 
Something Corporate - "HURRICANE"
Nostalgia at best. Something Corporate will forever remain as one of my favorite bands that were once associated with Drive-Thru Records. About 2 years ago Something Corporate released Played in Space: The Best of Something Corporate & of course this track was featured on it. :) 
Off their latest EP Candy Bar Creep Show; definitely one of my favorites from this group!

The Hush Sound - "HURRICANE"
Just a random little treat I decided to add in this blog post, If you're not familiar with The Hush Sound - maybe you've heard "Crawling Towards the Sun" ?
Bob Dylan - "HURRICANE"
Definitely an oldie BUT a goodie. 
Hurricane Bells - "MONSTERS"
This track is featured on the debut album Tonight is the Ghost & also on the New Moon (Twilight) Original Soundtrack!
Tame Impala - "JEREMY'S STORM"
The psychedelic yet delicious track from their 2010 debut album Innerspeaker. 
Mumford and Sons - "AFTER THE STORM"
The last track off their debut album Sigh No More, hope you've been enjoying their latest album Babel which was recently released a couple of weeks ago!
Baby Bash ft. Hurricane Chris, Gorilla Zoe - CYCLONE (REMIX)
If you've actually paid attention to this blog post then I hope you enjoy this last little ridiculous treat. BELIEVE ME, there were plenty of others that I could have ended this blog post with that were beyond embarassing/humiliating but I decided to stick with this instead. 

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