Wednesday, October 24, 2012

One AMAZING Way to Start Your Morning :)

For me personally, getting ready in the morning is something that cannot be done without listening to MUSIC. Listening to something that's upbeat is a MUST! Sorry espresso, but you're not #1 on my list of pick-me-ups when I'm looking for something to start the day off right (although there are days when a pit-stop for coffee is more than necessary). My preference for music in the morning varies with the type of day it's going to be. Some mornings I immediately go straight for Yeasayer's latest album Fragrant World, and then there are mornings where I blast LCD Soundsystem like there's no tomorrow and it turns into a one-person dance party with my hairbrush in hand. Take it from me, LCD Soundsystem does wonders especially when you have to wake up at 4:15AM for your 6AM shift. ;)

The playlist featured below is more of a mellow (but nowhere near as mellow as a Bon Iver track) selection of songs! These are the songs that I immediately turn on the second I walk out the door of my apartment complex, and into the chilly Philadelphia weather. There's a great chance you've heard a few of the tracks before. My morning playlist is never the same, so there will be different versions popping up throughout the next couple of weeks, hope you find them just as helpful as I do!

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