Thursday, November 1, 2012


Hope all of you had an amazing Halloween (that is if you choose to celebrate it)! My night didn't go so well, made dinner and proceeded to feel a bit ill - then it went downhill from there. ANYWAYS, I was unable to attend work today at the Home Office (sad face) so I spent all day in bed resting where I watched Anchorman (a fave of mine) and "surfed the web" for new music. Lots of great music released this week & I have featured them on the Facebook Page for 
LET YOUR EARS DECIDE if you feel like checking them out :) Just do it.
ALSO! As someone who generally gets picked to play the music for the day in the studio, I'm always searching for some upbeat dance-y tracks that are fun - so feel free to send anything that you might have in mind. Lots of Gigamesh, 90s hip hop, Grimes, Cut Copy to help give you an idea of what I'm looking for :) 
Young Wonder - "TO YOU"
Just released this morning, I haven't been able to take this lovely song from YW off repeat. :) This song is seriously magical and for some reason that is what first comes to mind when I try to describe this song. The video is a bit emotional as it portrays a funeral for a beloved cat. Maybe it's because I'm so deeply attached to my cat Mumford that I imagined myself in her shoe's? Ah, either way this is worth watching & please share this song with your friends or fellow music aficionado's ;). 
An interesting track that I recently stumbled across & thought I would share with all of you reading this. Very experimental & a bit Crystal Castles-ish, but I definitely found my ears absorbing it from beginning to end. So what exactly is White Car? "Electronic Body & Soul" is what you'll find on their SoundCloud page. & I definitely agree. 
P.S. This duo is from Los Angeles! Check them out! 
Calvin Harris ft. Ayah - "THINKING ABOUT YOU"
This week Calvin Harris released his debut album 18 Months, and "Thinking About You" is the last track on it. It's an incredible album with several expected songs that have taken over our playlists over the past "18 months" (which is the time duration for when this album was made). I am OBSESSED with this track and most definitely the album as well, but for me personally this track snuck out of nowhere. Maybe I wasn't paying enough attention? Maybe Calvin Harris saved this track best for last for a reason. Who knows, but this song puts me on Cloud 9.
Jesse Ruins - "INNER AMBIENT"
Be sure to check out this trio from Tokyo's SoundCloud account for more space-y electronic tracks that go well with the night time. Jesse Ruins were featured on Some Velvet Mixtapes earlier this week & you can check out their mixtape by clicking HERE!

I might be 20 steps behind the other music blogs, but you know what - WHO CARES? I definitely do not. Let Your Ears Decide was created strictly as a way to share what I'm into at the moment. I'm always on the lookout for new gems from my favorite or fresh artists, but I still appreciate a find that has some mileage on it :)
So basically, this ain't my day job. 

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