Sunday, November 25, 2012

Sunday Vibes: CHROMATICS - "Cherry"

Chromatics - "CHERRY"
This lovely four-piece from Oregon have been continuing to amaze us after the release of their last album Kill For Love (via ITALIANS DO IT BETTER). A couple weeks ago I posted the last piece of material from Chromatics titled "Looking for Love", and I am pleased about this new one "Cherry". It's a bit lighter sounding, but is just as hypnotizing as "Looking for Love". If you're unfamiliar with this group, then definitely give this band a listen. Chromatics are a type of band that create "sexy/dark electronic music" that works well for a variety of scenes. They sounded great at the FYF Fest in Los Angeles a couple months ago, but I would love to see them perform at an indoor venue. Even when I listen a track from Chromatics during the day time, my mind feels like I'm out venturing in the dark. 
Following the release of this song, the video for "Cherry" was released and noted that this is the 4th single from After Dark 2. In addition the video was "filmed while recording in Montreal (April 2011) & In Chromatic's House in Portland". Adam Miller & Alberto Rossini are the ones held responsible for capturing this gem of a video.  
You can download this wonderful track off of Johnny Jewel's SoundCloud by clicking HERE . If you have a minute, browse through his page where you'll find a variety of material from Chromatics, Glass Candy, and his own personal remixes of tracks. 

P.S. I'm currently shoved in a corner on a BoltBus heading back to Philly, so hopefully I made a bit of sense on this post. Shoutout to BoltBus for the free wi-fi though! :) Hope all of you had a wonderful Thanksgiving! 
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