Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Cold War Kids Are Back!

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 It's not like Cold War Kids ever left, I guess I just lost track of them after their last album Mine Is Yours. This isn't to say I forgot about their material (because believe me I still listen to Robbers & Cowards religiously), but I guess I wasn't following them like I do with other bands. I caught their set at Coachella 2011 which ended on a perfect note with "Saint John" (one of my favorites off Robbers & Cowards). It was literally this time last year when I stumbled across "Minimum Day", a single CWK released that was backed with "Minimum Mistake", which reminded me a LOT of their 2nd album Loyalty to Loyalty. It was to my surprise when I read yesterday that some "BIG news" would be exposed to us today. Not only was a brand new track "Miracle Mile" released, but a string of tour dates were posted via CWK's website. In addition, trailer #2 was uploaded onto YouTube which features various clips that were captured during the recording process of their upcoming album titled Dear Miss LonelyHearts. 
I guess I missed the memo when they posted last week about the completion of album #4, zoops! Check out trailer #1 below for the LMLH which will be released on April 2nd! Expect a new trailer to be released weekly! 
  I was sad to find out that CWK will not be playing a show in Dallas/Fort Worth, but pretty stoked for my friends in California! Of the California dates, they will be playing at SoHo (one of my favorite venues located in Santa Barbara) on February 23rd! If you're reading this & live in SB, you better not let this amazing opportunity to see Cold War Kids in a small & intimate venue like SoHo pass you by! 

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