Sunday, June 9, 2013

Laura Marling | Watch Listen Tell

We're halfway through 2013, and I have to admit that Laura Marling's Once I Was An Eagle is without a doubt a title in my list of Top 10 thus far. It's Marling's 4th studio release since her 2008 debut Alas, I Cannot Swim and for only being 23, her talent is astonishing. Once I Was An Eagle is such a raw & immaculate album that you rarely stumble across these days. Most albums don't reach a combination of certainty as well as emotional exposure with this strong of an approach like Marling did with OIWAE. So in short, I want to give the highly reserved Marling a high-five for dominating something that most individuals struggle with constantly. When I listen to this album, I have to hear all of it otherwise it just doesn't feel right. Laura Marling recently made the move to Silverlake, California from London before the release of her last album & by relocating to somewhere out of her comfort zone, i'm excited for what's to come from this talented woman. 
SO, here is why I dedicated a post to the darling that is Laura Marling. I was extremely pleased to read via Twitter that Watch Listen Tell would be uploading a new video this evening. Watch Listen Tell is a favorite channel of mine on YouTube, as I've posted about them on LYED in the past -click here to see my post featuring Half Moon Run on WLT.  With this picture uploaded last week via Watch Listen Tell's Twitter account, I crossed my fingers that those letters spelled out who I imagined it to be. :) 
 & it did! Here is the incredible Laura Marling performing an acoustic version of "I Was An Eagle" at an undisclosed location in London. It's such a beautiful video to pair with her capability as an artist. The birds chirping pay a lovely role as well ;) She is such a unique individual that goes unnoticed quite often, and I hope this WLT session reaches several of you who haven't been exposed to Laura Marling in the past. As apart of the "Watch Listen Tell" motto, here is my part in telling you about the video, and hopefully by watching/listening - you'll tell someone else about this! Hope y'all enjoy this & feel free to write what you thought about it on LYED's Facebook page

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