Tuesday, June 4, 2013

LYED @ Primavera Sound Festival

First things first: I may have survived Primavera Sound physically, but unfortunately my iPhone didn't make it past Friday. So let me paint a picture for you using words because honestly, photos wouldn't have done this experience justice.  

I had no idea what to expect when it was set in stone that I would be attending Primavera Sound, a relatively large music festival held in Barcelona, Spain! For those of you who aren't familiar with the event, it actually lasts around a week (if you include the pre-shows, and events that take place at outside locations.) It is held at the Parc del Forum. Located next to the water, the scenery played a huge role in the experience that literally lasted from sunset to sunrise. 

There honestly wasn't a bone to pick with this lineup when it was first exposed. Especially with the confusion & disappointment that surrounded Coachella's lineup this year, it seemed like everyone was onboard with Primavera immediately. Unfortunately as the festival was approaching, a few artists had to cancel including: Fiona Apple, Foxygen, and FIDLAR

Phosphorescent & Django Django were added to the lineup, but honestly.. Fiona, why?
Alright, moving on...

Wednesday night opened up the event and was also free to the public. It was quite a treat to run into some old friends from Santa Barbara, CA who happened to be visiting/living Barcelona at the time! The night was mostly spent running around the gigantic venue, but DELOREAN put on an excellent set that kept everyone moving & grooving from beginning to end! 
Following Wednesday, each day started around 6:00 (or 18:00 in Central European time) & if you were a true festival-goer... you wouldn't make your way out of Parc del Forum until 5 or 6am. Thankfully our hotel, AC Hotel Barcelona Forum was literally next door (and is without a doubt the nicest hotel I've ever stayed in!) It was literally the epitome of convenience for this festival, and I suggest that you look into staying here if you're thinking of attending in the future! This festival made Coachella's 12pm-midnight setup look like a cakewalk. You thought 5 stages at a festival was overwhelming? Try 8-10. There were even a few bands playing multiple sets throughout the course of the festival, but even then it was still possible to miss a set.. or seven.

In terms of exploring Barcelona, I didn't have much time on the days of the event except for a few hours to grab refreshments and other necessities needed for recovery. Although I did make my way to La Sagrada Familia, La Rambla, and a variety of other locations where I acted like a tourist and devoured tapas/sangria like there was no tomorrow. Mmmm... 


 This post is already getting pretty lengthy so let's cut to the good stuff. I caught as many acts as my legs could carry me to...literally. Here were a few of my highlights that made the trip memorable. Oh yeah, did I mention that it got pretty chilly? I've never layered for a festival quite like I did at Primavera.
Friday = Daughter, Glass Candy, and The Knife (which acted more as a performance art piece with minimal live vocals, but hey... it's THE KNIFE) 
Saturday = Wu-Tang, Crystal Castles, and Hot Chip 

Who were my top 2 overall? DAUGHTER & CRYSTAL CASTLES. Pretty ironic combination, but I was literally blown away by both performances. On Friday night Daughter performed at the Vice stage which was relatively small, but the crowd was enormous to the point that Elena Tonra admitted that this was the biggest crowd they played in front of thus far. Crystal Castles was just bananas, and as it took place on the last and final night of Primavera - it fit perfectly with the scene. 

So what did I learn from this experience? 
-It's not a festival without a ferris wheel, and by placing it right next to the water was a wise decision Primavera. 
-Meeting spots are KEY... shout-out to the beanbag/astroturf area sponsored by Woouf! I believe.
-Europeans can be quite homely, but also extremely crazy...and will steal your cell phone from your pocket while you're clapping. (insert sad emoji) 
-"Sexy beers" sold for €1 a pop outside the venue are kept cool in sewers beforehand. At this point, you're at a festival where you're going to pay 2-3 times amount of what you would normally pay for a beer inside, so either expect to spend $$$ if you don't pre-game or suck it up and invest in those sexy beers.. besides they're not that bad, you guys

- Researching the weather before you leave for a festival is probably one of the best decisions you'll ever make... and you won't regret what you packed in your suitcase.    
P.S. Neutral Milk Hotel is confirmed as the first act on the 2014 lineup!

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