Sunday, July 14, 2013

Oh Land - My Boxer

After two years, Oh Land is back! It seems like yesterday when a friend sent me this amazing Yuksek remix of Oh Land's "Son of a Gun" in which I had no idea who the vocals belonged to. Her sophomore self-titled album was one of my favorites back in 2011, and I was pretty ecstatic when I finally heard that a new album was on its way this year. 
"My Boxer" is the latest from her forthcoming studio album Wish Bone, and in my opinion - one of Oh Land's more experimental tracks to date. Her new sound isn't as cutesy as what was on her last album, but instead a spunkier version of the singer-songwriter is developed in the new material (which I love.) Here's the first track that was released a couple of months ago titled "Renaissance Girls." It was this live version below that really really attracted me to the track, and I am looking forward to hearing Wish Bone in its entirety.
Feel like taking a trip down memory lane? Here's Oh land's self-titled album that I can't seem to shut up about, and you can be the judge. Either way, make sure to listen & let your ears decide. 
Happy Sunday, y'all!
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