Tuesday, May 13, 2014


#FVM28 on a TUESDAY?! I know, I know (face falls immediately into palm) but maybe someday someone will grant my ongoing wish of making sure that there are more hours in the day. 
Until then, dive into this week's playlist of fresh tunes from the past couple of days. Logging into SoundCloud this morning only to notice that Nero released their first proper track in quite some time was a sweet surprise to say the least.

 I decided to wrap the playlist up with Seattle four-piece Tacocat because I can't get enough of their recent full-length NVM. (Give it a listen on Spotify here.) Catching them at Hardly Art's showcase at SXSW this year was a real treat, and you can watch their KEXP session by clicking here, which I highly advise you to do. 

P.S. The magnificent Poliça from Minnesota will be releasing a deluxe edition of their sophomore album Shulamith which happened to be LYED's #1 album of 2013. Peep the link below thanks to Stereogum to hear more about the release as well as hear a new track "Raw Exit."

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