Monday, November 10, 2014


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Before you let those Monday blues get the best of you, here's this week's edition of freshvibesmonday! 
Plenty of new names in this selection, but that shouldn't make a difference - discovering new artists is always an exciting adventure for me personally. 
The combination of Tourist and Years & Years is probably one of my favorite collabs. Also, if you haven't watched Father John Misty's performance of "Bored in the USA" on the Late Show with David Letterman, you should probably click here. As always, don't forget to check up on this playlist as the week carries on, you'll never know what might end up on here!
While you're ears deep into this week's edition of FVM, i'll be over here trying to accept the fact that it's already November. NOVEMBER! I cannot believe next month is December which means the year is practically over & also - my birthday is next month. :D 
P.S. If you happen to have Spotify, definitely check out LYED's end of year playlist. It won't be long before the end of year lists appear, what are your favorite records of the year so far? 

(If you missed FVM#51, play catch-up by clicking here.) 

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