Friday, November 14, 2014

Friday Fascination: Liza Anne

I recently stumbled across this singer-songwriter from Nashville a couple weeks ago, and am super thrilled with what I've discovered. Liza Anne aka Liza Odachowski won my ears over with "Thin Ice" from her debut release The Colder Months, and when I listened to the rest of the album - I fell in love. Get ready to feel the chills in the best way possible from how nostalgic and beautiful this record sounds. Liza Anne's talent is truly unique in a way that could come off as haunting but in an elegant manner that can draw listeners in immediately. 

Grab The Colder Months on iTunes here.
Earlier this month Liza Anne released her latest single "Room" which serves as the first taste of album #2. The single will be released on December 18th.

I appreciate how deep this song gets, and is borderline mesmerizing just like everything I've found in her debut release. "Room" reminds me a bit of a TORRES track. If you didn't already know, TORRES aka Mackenzie Scott is one of my favorite singer-songwriters who was featured on LYED back in September of last year (read here.) Definitely do your ears a favor and visit Liza Anne's SoundCloud page where you'll not only find the music featured above, but some pretty promising tracks as well. As always, keep an eye on this talented artist, because I have good feelings about her future. 

Liza Anne // Twitter

Liza Anne // YouTube

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