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Putting a Plug on 2014: The ALBUMS

In alphabetical order here are the albums that got me through 2014. If you've been keeping up with the LYED Spotify playlist I created on January 2014, most of these should not be a surprise. If you haven't - listen to it here 

Alvvays - Alvvays
 Released July 18th via Polyvinyl Records
This album: not only had one of the prettiest vinyl color pressings, but paved the way for an exciting future ahead of them. Keep an eye out for them in 2015. 
Favorite song(s): "Archie, Marry Me" & "Atop a Cake" 
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BANKS - Goddess
Released September 9th via Harvest Records 
The album that: makes you wonder if you & Jillian Banks shared the same diary when you were growing up.
Favorite song(s): "Fuck 'Em Only We Know", "Change", and "Beggin' For Thread"

Ben Howard - I Forget Where We Were
Released October 20th via Universal
This album: is borderline flawless in the folk/rock category, and let's be real - Mr. Howard knows how to deliver with greatness in the two albums he's released. Drenched in promising material, you can't wrong with this record.
Favorite song(s): "Rivers in Your Mouth", "I Forget Where We Were", and "She Treats Me Well"

Caribou - Our Love
Released October 7th via Merge Records
This album: flows so well I almost can't imagine a scenario when this album wouldn't be a perfect fit. Also, Jessy Lanza lending her vocals makes the record 110%.
Favorite song(s): "Our Love" & "Second Chance"

Released December 15th via Atlantic/Neon Gold Records
This album: is the ultimate angst-ridden pop album that we've been waiting for in 2014
Favorite song(s): "Sucker", "Boom Clap", and "Breaking Up"

Chet Faker - Built on Glass
Released April 15th via Downtown Records 
The album that: needs to be a staple in your collection.
Favorite song(s): "1998", "Cigarettes & Loneliness", and "Gold" 

Cloud Nothings - Here and Nowhere Else
Released April 1st via Carpark Records / Mom + Pop
This album: needs to be played at the highest volume possible until it's over. Nothing less.
Favorite song(s): "Psychic Trauma", "Quieter Today" 

First Aid Kit - Stay Gold
Released June 10th via Columbia Records
This album: sounds wonderful, but is even more impressive live.
Favorite song(s): "Waitress Song", and "Cedar Lane"

Flight Facilities - Down To Earth
Released October 27th via Future Classic
This album: challenged every fan to wait since 2010 (and believe me, it was 100% worth the wait.)
Favorite song(s): "Two Bodies", "Down To Earth", "Sunshine", okay pretty much every single track on the album.

Future Islands - Singles
Released March 24th via 4AD
This album: serves as the first introduction for many listeners thanks to their infamous performance on Letterman earlier this year. For those who have been fans for years, this is the best sounding album. 
Favorite song(s): "Doves", "A Dream of You and Me", and "Like The Moon."

Released February 4th via Secretly Canadian
This album: won my ears over with it's continuous delivery of the grooviest vibes. Don't ever let this band pass you by if they're ever playing in your city.
Favorite song(s): "Colony Glen", "Thunder Glove", and "Domino"

Jenny Lewis - The Voyager
Released July 25th via Warner Bros.
This album: erases the sadness that was built up inside of you when you first heard that Rilo Kiley broke up. 
Favorite song(s): "She's Not Me" & "Head Underwater"

 Jessie Ware - Tough Love
Released via October 13th via Island Records
This album: is one of the most romantic records ever, and if you're not convinced, it's dedicated to her now husband Sam in the sleeve.
Favorite song(s): "Want Your Feeling", "Cruel", and "Tough Love"
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La Sera - Hour of the Dawn
Released May 13th via Hardly Art
This album: shaped La Sera into something bigger and better. Katy Goodman is a force to be reckoned with. 
Favorite song(s): "Losing to the Dark" and "Fall In Place"

Lykke Li - I Never Learn
Released May 2nd via LL Recordings
This album: is as naked as it gets, and for that I want to thank Lykke Li for making this record. Raw is an understatement. 
Favorite song(s): "Gunshot" and "Just Like a Dream"

Mr Little Jeans - Pocketknife
Released March 25th via Sony Music Australia
This album: is a magical debut release and features one of the best covers I've ever heard. If you're not familiar, guess you'll have to listen for yourself. ;)
Favorite song(s): "Good Mistake", "Oh Sailor", and "Haunted"
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Phantogram - Voices
Released February 18th via Republic Records
This album: is the follow-up to their debut Eyelid Movies, and doesn't lose the style that we first fell in love with Phantogram.
Favorite song(s): "My Only Friend", "Black Out Days", and "Howling at the Moon"
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Sharon Van Etten - Are We There
Released May 27th via Jagjaguwar
This album: is a leap from Tramp in terms of production, but still retains an equivalent amount of passion. For fans of older Wye Oak, and Angel Olsen - SVE is one you need to invest in.
Favorite song(s): "Break Me" & "Taking Chances"

Young Summer - Siren
Released August 26th via Ready Set Records
This album: is the ultimate prescription for those who appreciate dream pop. Clearly this album is a diamond in the rough, and has me excited for what 2015 holds for Young Summer. 
Favorite song(s): "Classless Kids", "Siren", and "Severing Ties"
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My #1 album of 2014?

Blue Planet Eyes is the debut full-length from Australian quintet The Preatures. Released at the end of September, this album was also long-awaited by fans ever since they formed in 2010. Only 10 songs deep, and there isn't a bad track in the house. Honestly, it's difficult to pick one to be my favorite, but I absolutely love the album opener also titled "Blue Planet Eyes." Take my advice and start from the beginning and let the record take its course. Making it look extra easy as an album that's borderline flawless, Blue Planet Eyes can be appreciated from all ages. They've already made their debut in the states with slots at both Coachella & Bonnaroo, but I have a great feeling it won't be long before they're back to take over the rest of the US festival circuit. I consider myself lucky to have caught them headline The Echo back in June (the night before I flew to NYC for The Governors Ball.) I left the venue in a complete state of bliss because I knew this was only the beginning for this powerhouse band. Did I mention that the vinyl for this record is by far the prettiest I've ever seen?
Grab Blue Planet Eyes on iTunes here
Or better yet, pick up the beautiful vinyl you see above from their home store by clicking here. 


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