Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Acts I'd See (Again) at SXSW

So last week, I exposed my wish list for South By Southwest (SXSW) 2015 featuring acts I'm plotting to watch. This next post switches it up just a bit, and instead features artists/acts I've seen before, but 100% definitely will see again (that also happen to be at SXSW this year.) 

On An On

This band was one of the main reasons why I wanted to go to my first SXSW two years ago, and may have forced a couple friends to tag along that weren't aware of the Minneapolis 3-piece, but after their set I left with new fans.
ON AN ON SXSW Schedule
Wed 3/18 @ 3:35pm: Stage Hop Party - The Parish (214 E 6th St) http://2015.do512.com/stagehopparty2015
Thu 3/19 @ 12:00pm: UMG Experience - Stage on 6th (508 6th St) https://pages.umusic-mail.com/sxsw/
Fri 3/20 @ 5:00pm: Culture Collide / Tillys Party - Clive Bar (609 Davis Rd.) http://www.culturecollide.com/tillys#.VO6BH2ad5BJ
Fri 3/20 @ 11:00pm: Roll Call / Indie Shuffle Showcase - Blackheart (86 Rainey St)
Sat 3/21 @ 11:35am: Quantum Collective Whole Foods SX Invasion - Whole Foods Roof Plaza (525 N. Lamar Blvd) http://quantumcollective.com/

For many individuals, Marina is considered a Queen - so I expect every showcase of hers to be filled to the brim. I first saw her at Coachella 2011 with only knowing a couple songs  back then, but her performance drew me in like a magnetic force. Since then I've been following her every move (in the least creepiest way possible.) With her 3rd album Froot dropping today, I can only imagine how exciting her showcases will be to promote the new album. If you're interested in artists who know how to engage their audience visually as well, Marina is your gal.  What i'm trying to say is: if you're attempting to catch Miss Shellfish Beach, you better get there early.

This duo from San Francisco is the definition of rising talent that's developing quicker each day. Last October they opened the Treasure Island Music Festival, and just last month they played back-to-back sold out shows at The Independent in SF. When you watch them perform, they've already developed the stage presence that most artists work towards over a much longer course. You won't be disappointed with the result if you make it to one of their showcases listed below. 

Lauren Morgan and Jordan Shih make up the band "Sales" from Orlando, Florida, and were a standout at last month's Noise Pop festival. Not only did the duo impress, but absolutely exceeded my expectations. I'll be navigating to see them at SXSW as much as possible, because well, they're just that good. 

This Baltimore band easily dominated SXSW 2014, and they're coming back for more this year. Seriously, Future Islands will forever have my heart, soul, and complete attention. If you haven't had a chance to catch Future Islands live, then you're doing a disservice to your eyes and ears. Frontman Samuel T. Herring knows how to put on one hell of a show every single time. It might be one of the more difficult shows to get into, but believe me - it's 110% worth the wait. 
To find out where they're playing at SXSW, follow them on twitter

Speedy Ortiz

Among Future Islands, Massachusetts band Speedy Ortiz ranked as being one of the most hyped bands at SXSW last year. I definitely didn't make it into any of their showcases, but I did catch them the Sunday after SXSW where they opened for La Luz in Fort Worth at Live Oak Music Hall. Honestly, my experience for seeing Speedy Ortiz for the first time couldn't be anymore intimate and personal. It was amazing and I wasn't shoved once! I am stoked to see that they're coming back as well, so if you missed them last year - this is your chance for redemption. I've had "The Graduates" stuck on repeat for the last week, and am can't wait for their next album to drop. 

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