Friday, May 22, 2015

LYED x KjEE SUMMER ROUND-UP 2K15 via Sasha Huckoby!!!!!

(All photos were taken by yours truly, Sasha Huckoby, please give credit if you decide to share the images below!)
When I, (Sasha Huckoby) say “summer”, you say “ROUND-UPPPPP”!!!!

E-N-E-R-G-Y was the name of this game. High, intense, shut-up-and-dance-with-me type of energy.
The day was warm, and the vibes were chill. Anyone and everyone showed up to show-out, ready to sing, dance and make this one helluva summer-kickoff party.
Starting the day off in a tizzy, upon arriving to the bowl, I was pleasantly surprised to watch people of all ages come together for one thing: music. Whether young or old, local or out-of-towner, the Santa Barbara Bowl was slammed with countless heads and (some painted) smiling faces. 
The show kicked off with local faves, The Blues and Greys, serenading the crowd with sweet melodic tunes and familiar happy faces. It’s always refreshing to watch a local band gain the support of an audience full of strangers. T’was awesome, you guys - can’t wait to watch see you perform again!
Up next, Family of the Year graced us with their funky-alternative-indie presence. Everyone hit the stage with a super I-woke-up-like-this-because-I’m-naturally-beautiful feel, and made our hearts swoon with not only their plethora of instruments, but that “love at first sight” lyrical feeling. Seriously, listen to them and tell me it doesn’t remind of you of every meet-cute ever in all your favorite rom-com’s. I definitely twirled around in happiness for way longer than I should have (as I was taking photos for zee blog!).
Have you ever been hit by a ton of bricks? In a good way? Metaphorically speaking. Because I have. And they go by the name of WALK THE MOON. Do you guys remember that song “Down With The Sickness” by Disturbed? Well, mostly just the beginning with the, “OH, AH, AH, AH”? (just google it really quick so we can be on the same page here.) Okay, so that opening of a song is literally Walk the Moon in a nutshell.  That, and the fact that they bounced and greeted us on on stage to Ah Zebenya from our childhood favorite, The Lion King. SO. MUCH. ENERGY. You’re immediately excited, even if you don’t know the words (which I didn’t). This band definitely stole the show with their gnarly crowd involvement. People were back-flipping off the of the speakers. I mean, they weren’t really, but I would NOT have been surprised had I witnessed that. 
Killed it. Left a fan. Thanks, boys.
Following Walk The Moon, sultry, beautiful BANKS took to the stage with her trip-hop, silky songs. Unfortunately, I wasn’t granted permission to take photos of her, but that did not stop me from having a good time. Biased as I may be (BECAUSE I LOVE HER), you have to give it up to a girl who can just come out with nothing but herself and the natural instrument she was born with-her voice. Granted, she’s got super cool beats and a live band, but there’s no hiding that voice. 
Sing it, girl, sing it. Maybe next time? Idk? Lmk? Ttyl. #BFF.
And before I knew it, the show was coming to a close. Sadness filled my heart, tears filled my eyes, and that was only because OF MONSTERS AND MEN came out of nowhere and hit me with ALL THE EMOTIONS! Again, slightly biased here because I love this band. One song in particular that I think everyone loves (or should): “Little Talks”. Like, come on, who doesn’t love a band that can write a catchy tune? Not only can they write a catchy tune, but they OWN on their instruments. They really have a way of making you feel like it’s just you and them at an intimate show, singing directly into your soul. 
Bravo, Monsters, bravo. 
What a fun day it was. I had the pleasure of seeing tons of friends and familiar faces, and I also had the pleasure of getting to photograph so many great artists for my first time EVER, right here at our very own, beautiful Santa Barbara Bowl. A big shout out to LYED, the Santa Barbara Bowl and Jessica Puchli for having me. 

The Blues and Greys
Family of the Year
Walk The Moon
Of Monsters & Men

xxxo, Sasha aka @_sasha.h

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