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I I II I can't believe it's already been a YEAR since I published my first post on this o'l thing. Since March 21, 2012 I've had the opportunity to share plenty of new (& old) tunes, remixes, B-sides, and covers with my lovely readers (aka YOU) on this blog! I've met some pretty cool people & learned a LOT about how these things work. There's been plenty of detours and obstacles in the way, but now that LYED is stationed in Fort Worth, Texas there will be exciting adventures on the way. I've had a lot of fun with this, and hope that you've enjoyed it just as much! Thanks to everyone who's "Liked" Let Your Ears Decide over on the Facebook page and continues to spread the word! 423 likes is amazing & I couldn't be more appreciative! :) If you haven't already, please click here
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So if you've been keeping up with LYED since the beginning, this might be a bit of a review but here are the 3 most popular posts to date:

#3 - freshvibesmonday #16 (Date: September 17, 2012)
This was a special post for me, as it was the first addition to the blog once I was (finally) settled in Philadelphia. Finding a handful of new music each week seemed like a load of work to some, but it's without a doubt one of my favorite pastimes! This particular FVB featured a few bonafide, including "Don't Call It Love" by Eliza Doolittle & a snazzy little remix of Ellie Goulding's "Anything Could Happen" by Birdy Nam Nam. Even though I moved to Philadelphia for a styling internship, I was constantly surrounded by music (which was awesome to say the least.) While I was living in Philadelphia during those 2 1/2 months I was lucky enough to see Two Door Cinema Club, Polica, Gardens & Villa, Beach House, Cold Cave, Divine Fits, Tame Impala, CocoRosie, The Neighbourhood, Paul Banks, The Early November, Taking Back Sunday, Purity Ring, and a few others that are slipping from my mind. In short: the music scene in Philadelphia is unlike any other and should not be taken advantage of! Quite envious of those who live in the area *sigh*.
#2 - ALL THINGS CHVRCHES RELATED (Date: November 27, 2012)
This trio from Glasgow is unstoppable! I was pleased with how this post turned out, since majority of the internet population aren't aware of CHVRCHES other tunes (at the time) besides "The Mother We Share" & "LIES." I was lucky enough to catch their set at the I Guess I'm Floating showcase over at Hype Hotel during SXSW last week. CHVRCHES had played one showcase the day before & already someone had written a review mentioning that Lauren Mayberry's appearance as a front-person wasn't that impressive (and to answer that question we've all been wondering - she's 25 years old.)
CHVRCHES put on one hell of a show by starting off with the powerful sounding "Lies." Mayberry's stage presence didn't change as it apparently did the day before when she switched positions with Martin Doherty for one of their last tracks "We Sink In."  Do your homework & if CHVRCHES is playing a show near you - don't let this amazing opportunity slip you by! 
#1 - YouTube Narnia (Date: March 24, 2012)
I guess there's something about "that part of YouTube" that really attracts the viewer. At the time that this was posted, most of these songs were slightly unheard of. That's definitely not the case for the artists of the songs now, and I am definitely excited to deliver a post filled with more gems.  It was quite unfortunate to find out that the friend who introduced me to "Maliblue" by Darius had passed away a couple days after this post was published. RIP JILL! <3

So to wrap things up for this post, here's one of LYED's favorites Daughter covering both "Perth" by Bon Iver & "Ready For The Floor" by Hot Chip for Zane Lowe on BBC Radio One! Daughter's debut album If You Leave was released earlier this week, but won't be released until April 30th in the states! The full-length features a handful of brand-new tracks as well as a re-mastered version of the all-time favorite "Youth."

Stay tuned for a recap of SXSW (or should I say the Disneyland for music aficionados.)

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